Immovable assets/goods
For Example: Houses, buildings, commercial property, land, …
Substitute Income
The allowances you receive for the incapacity to work by illness, unemployment or old age.
Fiscal Form 281
The document you receive from your employer, during the month of March. On this document, you find the information about your wage and the withholding tax. This document contains all information to fill in your tax return.
Debtor of the income
The person/the institution/the company who paid your income. For example: the employer, pension service, …
E-mail address
An e-mail address is obligatory in order to acknowledge receipt of your registration.
Further details (in case of change into 'married person' or 'legal cohabitant person')
A civil status change into 'married person' or 'legal cohabitant person' must be accompanied by an additional registration of the partner by means of a new registration.